Global Guide systems has developed a fleet management solution, which enables you to monitor the status of equipment. This allows you to remotely monitor different properties of your fleet in real-time. This solution is originally developed to monitor the electrical systems on boats, like battery status, position and engine status .

This is done by placing an in-house developed module in the object (vehicle ,ship, house, etc) which is connected to the different equipment and sensors. Possibilities for connection:

  • Canbus (Can/Canopen/NMEA2000)
  • Serial
  • USB
  • Modbus

From an online management environment, the entire fleet can be monitored in a single overview. Alarms can be set, that generate a warning, when an unwanted situation occurs. These can not only be malfunctions, but for intance also a warning when an object is not moving, and is not being recharged.

For more information please download our pdf 

Fleet monitor

Fleet monitor

Fleet management


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