GPS gestuurd tour guide

Global Guide Systems has many years of experience with tour/audio guide systems. With in-house developed software we deliver a flexible solution for canal boats and busses. Global Guide Systems has a unique set of cost-effective solutions for different configurations.

We offer two different systems:


This solution consists of a central unit with (touch)screen, that offers the audio via speakers to the tourists. The skipper or driver can easily select routes and languages by using a simple interface optimized for touchscreens. The selected languages are played in consecutive order automatically when passing a spot.

Unique to the system is that a route is not bound to a speific order. When deviating from a route or when a different route is being driven, the right audio will be played when passing a spot, independend from the order.

This solutions has been used succesfully for many years in canal boats and busses. It is a very cost-effective alternative for fixed systems with audio connectors on every seat.

GPS gestuurd tour guide

GPS triggered tour guide

Wifi Audioguide 

Nowadays almost everybody has a smartphone, and Global Guide Systems has developed an alternative audio guide solution that uses the smartphone. A wifi network is placed in the bus or boat, that allows tourists to connect to this network, which directly offers a (web) app that can be used as an audio guide service. The tourist can choose its preferred language and when passing a spot the corresponding audio is played directly on the smartphone itself.

The skipper or driver has a screen on which the right route can be selected. This screen also shows in a visually attractive way the route driven and which spots have been passed already. The system is easily installed and is a very cost-effective alternative.

Audio Guide

Audio GuideFor more information you can download the wifi-audioguide-flyer.