The demand for Smart City solutions is growing and cities are looking for smart information sources to be able to better manage the processes in a city. Think about the monitoring of the noise level in the city and being able to directly inform the stakeholders in case of exceeding levels. The monitoring of the crowd in the city and being able to take measures directly from the system like temporary traffic measures. This is all possible with our SmartCity platform.

Global Guide systems has developed a platform that allows cities to integrate different information sources (sensors and other data sources) and connect into one system.

In order to make this data really valuable, we have developed a dashboard that visualizes all data in real time. From the dashboard direct actions can be taken, like informing enforcers on the streets.

The dashboard enables the user to make report and analyse the data.

The platform is built in a generic way, so it suitable for a multitude of Smartcity matters.

The platform is now active in Amsterdam for the municipality and Waternet (responsible for all water related matters). It is being used to monitor nautical activites and manage the canals of Amsterdam.